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Save Your Natural Tooth With Root Canals in Watauga, TX

If you ignore a pain in your tooth, you leave yourself vulnerable to significant oral health risks. That discomfort you feel can point to an endodontic issue, which means something within the tooth needs to be addressed. Bacterial infection within the structure can cause significant discomfort and create new problems for your well-being by spreading through the tooth roots and reaching different parts of the body.

The good news is that a timely root canal treatment can resolve problems and protect you. Our practice is ready to help Watauga area residents when their smiles are in jeopardy because of endodontic troubles. In addition to root canal therapy, we can provide a lifelike restoration to protect your tooth after its health issues are resolved.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is an oral surgery procedure designed to remove bacteria and dying or dead tissue from inside the tooth. This treatment is typically necessary when the pulp, the soft inner tissue of a tooth, becomes infected or inflamed. Dr. Carmichael, a highly skilled dentist in Watauga, TX, has years of experience in root canal therapy, offering a procedure that not only relieves pain but also saves the natural tooth and prevents further infection.

Why Your Tooth Trouble Might Require A Root Canal

Both cavities and physical injuries can create problems within the tooth structure. A cavity will keep growing after it forms. If it is not dealt with in time, bacteria will make their way into your pulp and attack the living tissues housed within it. Your tooth can also experience internal trauma after a physical injury, particularly when the injury damages the enamel and creates an opening for harmful microbes.

The onset of tooth pain that is severe or persistent is a warning that an infection has formed. Other signs include changes in tooth color and the discoloration of surrounding tissues.

Benefits of The Procedure

Root canal therapy offers several key benefits. Primarily, it saves the natural tooth, preserving your smile and bite functionality. This procedure also alleviates pain caused by infection and prevents the spread of infection to other teeth. By choosing a root canal, patients often avoid more invasive dental procedures in the future, like full extractions, bone grafting or the need for dental implants, maintaining natural tooth structure and strength.

Providing Endodontic Services To Restore Your Oral Health

Root canal therapy carefully accesses the pulp so that infected tissues can be removed, and to make sure all bacteria are dealt with. With the aid of local anesthetic and dental sedation options, we can make this work surprisingly comfortable. Dr. Carmichael will take care to work within the pulp to resolve the infection before sealing this space and preparing you to receive a custom dental crown for protection.

What Are Molar Root Canals?

Molar root canals require special attention due to the complexity of these back teeth, which typically have multiple roots and canals. Dr. Carmichael’s experience in this kind of root canal procedure ensures a precise and thorough treatment of molar root canals, addressing all infected areas to restore oral health effectively.

Aftercare & Recovery

After a root canal, patients may experience some sensitivity, which typically subsides within a few days. Dr. Carmichael provides detailed aftercare instructions, including how to manage any discomfort and maintain oral hygiene. Recovery involves avoiding hard foods initially and following good oral care practices to ensure the longevity of the treated tooth.

Root Canal vs Tooth Extraction

While tooth extraction may seem like a simpler solution, saving a natural tooth through a root canal is often the better long-term choice. A root canal helps maintain natural tooth alignment, avoids the need for more complex dental procedures like implants or bridges, and generally involves a simpler recovery. Dr. Carmichael advises patients on the best course of action based on their unique dental health situation.

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