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Restoring Bone Density & Health

The health and integrity of the alveolar bone—the bone that supports your teeth—can be affected by issues like gum disease, tooth loss, and injury. We can arrange a timely graft to address the potential problems that stem from tissue loss. Our approach to your care will be based on both its condition and the status of your smile. Treatment at the time of a tooth extraction can help prevent the onset of tissue loss, while grafting services can strengthen the area to make dental implant placement possible.

We Provide Personalized Care For Patients In Need Of Jawbone Grafting Services

Grafting materials can help prevent tissue loss after an extraction. If you need a tooth removed, we can discuss the role this additional treatment plays in helping you move forward with plans to replace it. This work can also help when there are concerns that your jaw is currently not strong enough to make the placement of a dental implant possible.

Preventive Services & Timely Restorative Care Can Protect Against Tissue Loss

While we can intervene with the appropriate grafting service to help you, we can also provide services that lower your risk for future density loss. One way we can do this is by keeping up with maintenance services when you struggle with gum disease. This fights the accumulation of harmful microbes under your gums and stops them from doing harm to surrounding tissues. For patients who have already lost teeth, proceeding with dental implant placement before deterioration begins can ultimately make your restorative services more convenient.

Talk To Your Watauga, TX Dental Office About Bone Grafting

Through bone grafting services, we can respond to the permanent loss of density in bone important to your oral health. For more information on this and other services that can restore your smile and well-being, reach out to Watauga Dental Center at (817) 485-9018.