Advanced Technology for Superior Care

Thanks to advanced technology, our Watauga, TX dental office is able to provide you an even more comfortable and detailed treatment experience. With intraoral cameras, we can examine areas of the mouth that are largely hidden from view while keeping you comfortable. Digital x-ray technology lets us capture vivid and precise 3D images while also emitting significantly less radiation than traditional x-ray equipment.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras give us the ability to closely review areas that are difficult to see during a standard visual exam. With a hand-held wand, we can thoroughly explore those spaces and study your teeth and gums for any early evidence of poor health. Catching small cavities, cracks, and other problems with your tooth structure can lead to more conservative care and the prevention of painful infections. This also lets us closely study soft tissues as needed.

Digital X-Ray Technology

Digital x-ray technology can produce remarkably detailed images while cutting down radiation from traditional x-ray equipment to a significant degree. Digital x-ray reviews and 3D mapping play important roles in planning different services that can restore or replace teeth. What we rely on for your reviews can reduce radiation and remove the need for awkward physical molds, providing more comfort when we are planning important services.