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Smile With Confidence Again Thanks To A Full Or Partial Denture

While significant tooth loss can impact your confidence and health, it is not an insurmountable problem. In fact, with the right prosthetic appliance, you can regain your full smile in less time—and with less work—than you anticipate!

Our Watauga, TX dental office provides both partial dentures and full dentures to help patients when multiple teeth need to be replaced. To help improve your daily experience with your restoration, we can discuss including dental implant placement in treatment plans to offer more stability and oral health benefits.

How Full & Partial Dentures Take On Advanced Tooth Loss

Partial dentures are appliances made to address multiple gaps in a row of teeth. Their design can take on non-adjacent losses, which means you can receive just one appliance to completely close your gaps. Yours can help you chew and bite with greater ease, smile with more confidence, and protect remaining teeth. We can use specially placed metal clasps to discreetly hold these restorations in place.

A full denture completely restores a row of teeth. A gum-colored acrylic base holds a set of replacement teeth made to resemble healthy enamel. With advanced technology, we can capture measurements of your oral structures and make sure that your prosthesis is the right shape and size to feel comfortable.

Your Prosthesis Can Benefit From Implant Support

Dental implants are effective at securing both partial and full dentures. When we meet with you to discuss treatment for tooth loss, we can explain the advantages to using them to hold the restoration you receive. They can provide more stability, making biting and chewing easier, and they can stimulate the jawbone and help you avoid deterioration of the bone after tooth loss.

Talk To Your Watauga, TX Dental Office About Receiving A Custom Denture

Our practice is ready to provide a custom solution for patients who have experienced tooth loss. Both partial and full dentures are available to help when you need to deal with this problem in its advanced form, and dental implants can ensure that your restoration is stable and comfortable. To learn more about this treatment solution, contact our Watauga, TX dental office at (817) 485-9018.