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At Watauga Dental Center, we understand the importance of a healthy and functional smile. Rooted in our commitment to provide comprehensive dental care to our community, we offer specialized oral surgery services, ensuring you receive the best care right here in Watauga. Our patients experience top-notch treatment focused on precision, comfort, and exceptional outcomes. If you’re seeking expertise in oral surgery in Watauga, TX, you’ve arrived at the right destination.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Early intervention for erupting wisdom teeth will protect you against oral health difficulties. Our practice can keep you updated on the movement of these teeth and provide the extraction treatment at the appropriate time.
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Tooth extractions are recommended when teeth cannot be restored. By providing a safe removal, we prevent further discomfort and allow effective restorative treatment to proceed.
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Bone Grafting

Concerns about poor jawbone health or density can halt plans to address tooth loss. We can determine if grafting will be necessary in order to place a dental implant and we can work with you to incorporate it into the larger goal of restoring your incomplete smile.
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Sedation for Anxiety-Free Oral Surgery

Navigating the realm of oral surgery can be daunting for many due to anxiety or fear of potential discomfort. Recognizing this, modern dental practices have prioritized the incorporation of sedation methods to ensure a relaxed and pain-free experience for patients.

Sedation in oral surgery ranges from mild, such as nitrous oxide (often referred to as “laughing gas”), to stronger sedatives administered orally or intravenously. This allows patients to feel relaxed, detached, or even drowsy, mitigating any anxiety associated with the procedure. By combining local anesthesia with sedation, oral surgeons ensure not just the absence of pain but also the alleviation of apprehension, allowing patients to undergo surgical treatments with ease and peace of mind.

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