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Count On Protection From A Lifelike Porcelain Crown

After a cavity or injury, a tooth needs a form of protection that can prevent new issues while allowing you to maintain your natural bite function. Our Watauga, TX dental office can provide functional support and cosmetic benefits by treating patients with porcelain dental crowns. These restorations match the appearance of healthy enamel while fitting securely over your vulnerable tooth structure and absorbing bite pressure on its behalf.

Crowns Protect Teeth Affected By Advanced Cavities And Trauma

If you have a cavity that is too severe for a filling—for example, one that requires root canal therapy as part of your treatment—we can take care of your tooth with a custom crown. We can also provide a crown in response to physical harm that impacts your tooth’s health and appearance. In some cases, patients who have experienced tooth loss will receive dental crowns that are secured to dental implants in order to restore their full smile.

Before proceeding with any restorative service, Dr. Carmichael will closely examine your tooth to find the most conservative treatment approach possible. In doing so, he can prevent unnecessary changes to healthy enamel and make your care comfortable. To make the work of restoring your tooth easier, we can numb the area of concern and offer additional support in the form of nitrous oxide or another form of dental sedation.

Using A Porcelain Material To Produce A Lifelike Restoration

With the porcelain material we use for our dental restorations, we can protect teeth without changing the look of your smile. The substance is a close visual match, and its appearance can be tinted to ensure that the crown you receive blends in with its neighbors. The substance is strong enough to provide bite support, too, so you will not have to avoid applying pressure with a specific area of your mouth.

Talk To Your Watauga, TX Dentist About Treatment With A Porcelain Crown!

With the right restorations, our practice can address serious oral health worries while preserving your bite function as well as your appearance. To learn how we can restore your oral health with a porcelain crown, reach out to our Watauga, TX dental practice at (817) 485-9018.