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Cavity Treatment With A Conservative & Lifelike Restoration

To fully address problems caused by tooth decay, your dentist will do more than just remove damaged enamel. Permanent restorations protect you after a cavity forms by keeping the vulnerable area secure and preserving your bite strength.

Our practice uses materials that closely imitate healthy enamel when creating restorations. The composite material that we use to produce dental fillings can cover an affected area while matching the appearance of surrounding tooth structure. This ensures that you can bite, chew, and speak as you did before while not worrying about your appearance or oral health.

Why Are Fillings Included In Cavity Treatment?

Your tooth structure may be strong, but it is limited in its ability to heal from the damage caused by decay. Cavity treatment will involve the removal of decayed tissues, the cleaning of the affected area, and the placement of a permanent restoration. You may be familiar with dental fillings that are made from a metal substance—while metal materials offer durability, they can contrast with the appearance of your surrounding enamel. Our practice provides functional protection and cosmetic support by using composite fillings in treatment.

Placing Your Conservative Composite Filling

With a tooth-colored composite resin substance, we can discreetly protect teeth harmed by dental decay and small fractures. The substance is capable of bonding to your enamel to create a remarkably strong and lasting hold. It can also provide cosmetic benefits, as its appearance matches the look of the surrounding tooth structure. We can even take care to tint it so that it is the right shade for your tooth.

This substance is applied directly at the site where your structure suffered harm. After the application and smoothing processes, we are able to harden the material with a special curing light. At this point, your tooth’s appearance and function are effectively restored, and you can bite and chew with confidence!

Watauga Dental Center Can Care For Your Cavity With A Durable & Lifelike Composite Filling

Through the use of composite resin in restorative care, we can treat oral health problems without making unwanted changes to your smile! For more details on how we can treat your cavity with a lifelike composite filling, please call our Watauga, TX dental office at (817) 485-9018.