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Oral Cancer Screenings Make Early Detection & Treatment Possible

There are many reasons why you should be consistent with dental visits. One is that doing so will ensure that you regularly receive screenings for the early signs of oral cancer. Timing can be key when it comes to successful treatment—the sooner a problem is found, the better your chances for full recovery.

Why We Take Care To Watch For Early Signs Of Oral Cancer

During appointments, we closely evaluate your teeth, gums, and oral structures to find and address any abnormalities. The onset of oral cancer, or the formation of growths that are precancerous, can be observed in the course of your visit. Once found, we can start plans for the appropriate care. That can mean the removal and biopsy of concerning formations or arrangements to begin treating oral cancer. In times where tissue evaluations need to take place, we can make sure that a detailed evaluation is performed by a qualified lab.

Lowering Your Risk For Oral Cancer

Routine dental visits protect you against many threats. They can also lead to the discovery and removal of any precancerous growths that are found in the course of an evaluation. To further protect yourself, be mindful about the risks associated with alcohol consumption and tobacco use when it comes to the onset of this disease (and others). We are happy to discuss any concerns you have about managing your risks and preserving your oral health.

Oral Cancer Screenings From Watauga Dental Center Provide Important Information & Protection

By providing oral cancer screenings, we are able to warn patients about the signs of a serious health threat. An early diagnosis can still be scary, but know that the ability to start treatment at this point greatly raises your chances for successful recovery. If you have questions or wish to set an appointment, call Watauga Dental Center at (817) 485-9018.