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We Provide Dental Services For Entire Families

Keeping up with your family’s smile needs becomes easier when you find one practice capable of helping everyone in your household. Because our Watauga, TX practice can extend our services to younger patients, we can help make sure parents and their kids are receiving the right attention. This means less difficulty in arranging appointments, and it also helps transition kids and teens to adult care more easily.

Providing Consistent Preventive Care For Kids Over The Years

Early dental visits help kids appreciate the need for smile care at home and at the office. We can provide visual reviews, cleaning, and protection with dental sealants to keep younger patients safe from future threats while also providing guidance on better hygiene habits.

To keep track of their development, we provide regular reviews, including reviews with safe pediatric x-rays that keep you informed about the growth and successful formation of their oral structures. These updates can let you know if your child will benefit from orthodontic work, and they can lead to a timely warning about the need for wisdom teeth extractions.

We Can Help When Kids Require More Involved Dental Services

There are times when younger patients need to undergo more involved restorative care. Part of why we go out of our way to make families feel welcome in the office is because we make our office feel like a welcoming space even when patients come in for more involved procedures. We can carefully tend to threats that call for root canal therapy and even tooth extraction, including the extraction of wisdom teeth. By responding to problems with the right services, we can alleviate discomfort and prevent complications that will disrupt a smile, including the smile of a kid or teen whose development is not finished.

Schedule Your Child’s Oral Health Care At Our Watauga, TX Dental Office!

Our practice makes oral health services easier to arrange for families by offering care to parents and their children. To find out how we can support those with growing smiles to help them stay healthy and confident, reach out to Watauga Dental Center in Watauga, TX at (817) 485-9018.